Vi veri universum vivus vici


Posted on 26th January 2013

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Kason is an equalist, and the third in command under both Amon and Lieutenant, she over sees interrogation, information and does her best to make sure everyone comes home alive after a mission. she can be a hard ass and quite intimidating, however shes often seen fucking around and doing strange or stupid things.

Banten, Kor, and Euros

Banten: An equalist traitor and spy for the Agni kai triads, his and Kason often butt heads, he's a tank and formidable fighter, with some brains to back him up, making him not an opponent you want to underestimate. Kor: Once a good friend and disciple of Kason, this equalist now wants nothing more then see the other woman's down fall, and will do anything necessary for it to happen. Euros: In the Equalists for all the wrong reasons, he helps with funding and supplying the Equalists. What he lacks in fighting prowess he makes up for in his scheming and planing ability's.
Amon and Lieutenant
Amon: Mastermind and leader of the equalists, he's really a blood bender being controlled by Vaatu to rid the world of the bending that helped bring about the great spirits downfall. He's determined, feeling himself that bending is a great travesty plaguing the world. (This is apt to change) Lieutenant: Second in command of the equalists, he helps with organization and planing. he is good friends with both Amon and several equalist members, often going out of his way get to know those that serge under him. (This is apt to change)


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